It’s How You Fuck the World that Matters

“It’s a small world,” people would say,
but what no one meant by it
was that our planet’s size was a problem
one of the direct roots of all our trouble
size doesn’t matter much
when no intelligence evolves
capable of exploiting resources
developing a technological society because…

Man, on a larger world
us Homo Sapiens, we could’ve made it
been bought more time to develop
before our poisons and carbon emissions
brought about ecological change
we were completely unprepared to cope with…
and for many… on purely ideological grounds,
they wouldn’t even accept
the end of our industrial capitalist culture
had been written
when the first ancient primate
sparked its first fire
and we haven’t been the same since
from then on we haven’t stopped burning
and now we’re burnt out…

If only our candle had been thicker and longer
we could’ve kept going,
but you get what you get
damp little blue and green rock…
maybe I’m wrong, maybe it wasn’t our world’s size
but how we used it


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