Pigs in Zen

Everyone of us
should be in the government’s philosophy
too big to fail…
and if you don’t think that’s true
if you think men, women and children
should be on their own to fail completely
in homelessness and hunger
then tell me this,
when was the last time
the tab on rent and food was picked up by Charlie Manson?
And if that’s not good enough for you
if that example’s poor
you think Manson’s contribution to culture
doesn’t justify his free ride
or that our tax dollars
would’ve been better spent
on needle or noose, well then
that still is a free ride of sorts
the fare paid on an outbound ticket,
but you probably don’t se it that way
see it like I do
see birth as a lottery
a few lucky winners striking it rich
extra special fertilizations
in wombs of great fortune
because right now, that’s still how the fuck things are
the divine right of kings
sacred cash in the DNA
but if we can’t be guilty for the sins of the fathers
then neither should we be credited for their successes
as we’re here, stuck, living
in some medieval caste system
serfs, lords and their muscles
knights on horseback
earning their pay by pillage
their pleasure by rape
because this is how it works
when we decide
there are some people
who just ain’t fucking worth it
who should fail
who should die
and if you think that’s unconscious knowledge
then fuck you
you can take the room adjacent Charlie’s…
and for that matter
so can our government
if that’s going to be their philosophy


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