Standing & Staring

By my fucking life me has no choice
peg the cunt square in jaw
prick drop
clutch wire rack shelf in support
pull it and content all down upon him
book and coin all to floor
asshole on back
rock back and forth like tortoise
“You hit me! You hit me!”
he scream and repeat
“Fucking right I did,” me yell
felt good
second punch of life
fist into face
alchemy of perfect pain
bitch wail, bitch lament
and bitch call cop
she come
one, solo chickie-pig cutie-pie
she take me side
roommate he jump and scream
accusation rain like chicken-shit
fun time, me sip beer
baby copper ask if me got place to go
as if me a battered wife with split-skin knuckle
violence daddy has no home
too drunk to drive
lady fuzz say that okay
give me card and number
free to be behind wheel
hot cha-cha, ready to burn rubber
all in, ride hard, place to slumber
there more to tell, this story
mostly detail
hand here, hand there
but us wait
us wait


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