Disobedient to physics, I fly
faster than the speed limit of light
when I leave you
you have never seen me
when you swallow my come
it’s before you’ve even begun sucking dick
when you cry
you won’t know why
because you have yet to hear my devastating lies
such good ones
such as
I love you
we’ll be together forever
your clothes flatter your figure…
on the move
out of sight, always
time running back until I’m born again
and fucking Christ in his animal cage
in his impotent rage
backward through evolution
from ape to monkey
newt to worm
I seed this life in reverse
the great grandfather of all things
into the past, undisciplined photons flow
digesting crops unplanted
impregnating the unborn
in primordial soup
the virgin sacrifice is to a sun waiting to ignite
fission superluminally transposed is fusion…
cold and possible and nice one, Einstein!
You twat.


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