Long Haired Asshole

Bent-up, roughened face bad for wear,
humans don’t erode smooth,
quickly made but small strides
down the pavement (also down death’s side of the hill)
she passes me, muttering so I can hear
“Another asshole with the long hair like a girl,”
and on those stout stumps she pumped by,
scowling westward to the sea,
a bitter hostility hot enough to burn
a circling gull out of the sky.

I had never been called a long-haired asshole before,
not officially so I’d notice,
but I sure did not expect it
there in Los Angeles
there in 2012
the year of our Mayan demise
maybe she believed I was one
proud brown member of a dead civilization
returned to sacrifice her and all her world
to the memory of my people’s ruin and our too long silenced gods…

How wrong she would be
for this long-haired asshole
is as well a white atheist dickhead,
and for that I was once met with surprise,
“You’re an atheist? Well, I don’t care,” said the old drunk gal,
“I think you’re a nice young man anyway.”

Yes, it is true. I was young then,
and in Los Angeles in 2002
although I didn’t think it then
didn’t fully know to revel in my youth
squandering it in dank dive bars and barber shops where
I have gone for ten years running
harvesting my scalp crop,
licking it shut into envelopes addressed to charity
for wigs to be made
for the distressed children
of chemotherapy’s follicly destructive side effects…

I can only hope, should they survive, these cancer stricken youth,
they’ll keep their comments concerning long-haired assholes
quietly and happily to themselves


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