A List About L.A.

honey bees pollinating lemon trees in winter
beans and lard and strong detergents on the gentle breeze
on every block a liquor store
yards of dust
24/7 sirens and helicopter blades
territorial spray-painted warnings
over-sized white tees
shaved heads
hostile blood shot eyes
shrouded in a hood of gray
a digital titter of parrot screams
green and red on a blue
chemtrail tracked sky
rolling brown outs
two month heat waves
rain turning streets to rivers
roofs giving in
violent straight line winds
tossing gazebos, flattening gardens
toppling crosses off the steeple
and mountains and palm trees
and the unpredictable instability of earth
six lane freeway traffic mile upon mile
towering Eucalypts and other foreigners
tongues ever-changing on a walk down the boulevard
wide and jammed, accustomed commuters
unable to feel even tedium
guns blasting in sporting victory
flowers, free fruit for the picking
and me – I won’t leave it for all that and more


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