mildew books in the damp box
river rising, rafts down the lane
abandoned basement
to the high water unstoppable…

Our best defense is a stack of sand…
really? hello?
21st century where are you?

A fact like this:
not a lot of profit in stopping floods…
is explanation enough
bigger, better, badder bucks
in insurance and claim denials
and climate denials
science denials
economic reality denial
human sexuality denial
plea the fifth and deny all denial
content in the one benefit
disposing of an unwanted litter
(of cats, let’s say)
can be done from where you perch
up on your shingles painted
God doesn’t
might be illiterate or might be
you should’ve learned Hebrew
or Arabic or in any case
not bitched so much
the day the tax man came
the day before the rains


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