Bernie Inside

“I’m worried people won’t like this guy”
she says, and the guy is fake
he is not a guy, but a construct
he is words put in his mouth
he does what I say he does
so what is there to love?
What is there not to?
I change little things
Like everything he says
And everything he does
head lice was preferable to this
Game of formulas
This tired romance of safety pins and rubbed flat needles
Russian roulette –
What’s more exciting?
Long shot horses do shoot ahead
But still, we pledge our offerings
To the horrible mind of the people to taste
With their group-think to end all group-think
We are run through the plasticizer,
bound in cling-wrap,
for how long can freshness be kept in
with nothing set out?
“You have to earn the moment.”
The best moments are free
“Who is this guy?”
he is who he is, no more and none of the others
“We need people to like him.”
We need people to well-fork their eyes
release past and process
tether-free expectations and standards —
they need to hold their horses,
rein their goats,
hinder their chickens
and hedge their pigs…
this may take time, but, please,
it’s not you; it’s me.
I just think we need some space to ourselves.
We can still be friends.
It’s for the best, really.
And some day
When we’re both older
We’ll look back and won’t give a fuck
Who the people liked
Why they liked him
Why they didn’t
But that there was something there
Before it was all torn apart
by the hacking swords of a thousand men.


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