Sedentary Horror

The forced gaze of agonized bobble heads
falls upon marionettes
engaged in bondage play
bound by their own strings
with no safe word
to come
charging to the rescue
of their passionate impotence
in the face of their master’s unyielding hold
over a life spring-loaded
to nod in assent to the deleterious desires of deranged
fundamentalists, and worse
the indifference of the indifferently indifferent
who hold power
in their opened lubricated palms
like dolphins endeavoring to pluck
entwined fish out from trawling nets
where hunger never fails
to trap the hungry
where banal wants banish sensibility
and wars of lies devour credibility
in the ruins of these sedentary horrors
in the aftermath of reluctant silences
in the quiet that is the worse
in love
innit just so?


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