2nd Amendment Delusions

“It’s always been this way”
“You can’t change it”
“passing laws is of no use…”

well, some things change
where once a nation whose spirit said,
“We can do it,” female bicep flexed,
eyes of penetrative resolve
now, our men – our leader men –
tell us tales of a government impotent
in the face of violence
that there is nothing we can do
that evil men will do evil things,
and these words come from mouths
who speak about being tough on crime
and getting tougher
in the nation leading the world
in incarceration, in a nation
where fear plays into politics
as if it were a 3rd world
post-colonial African dictatorship
prone to military coups
by roving bands of a warlord’s strongmen,
but fuck, man – we are stable
we are strong
we manufacture arms
and bear them by the hundred millions
as our troops go to war, toppling states
murdering in highly trained stealth
(kill lists & assassinations)
so what I want to know is
when did we get so weak
how did we go from
American exceptionalism to defeatism
is that all there is to a barrel of a gun
hands up, no control, no law, no debate
just shut the fuck up and die
admit defeat
and die
that’s the spirit of ‘76
boo-hoo-hoo, pity us
for Christ’s sake, USA
what the hell happened to you
don’t you know
if we can’t do it
someone else can
and they will
and they’re coming
because they see us
citizens united in blood-soaked failure


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