The Gospel According to a Mark

These words are written to those who know
The Law commands we do not steal, do not covet, bear false witness
but nowhere is there found a proscription against the con.

These words are written for those who know
a mark unaware is a chump, and as a chump
must never be wised up
neither should a sucker be given an even break, however
those who confess their gullibility are blessed by the Lord
for the credulous deny their credulity
the Lord forgives the innocent their ignorance,
but the easy target who is shown the bull’s eye upon his back
and closes his eyes to it is held by the Lord in contempt.

Thus it is this is written to those who know
when walking down the street, walk like this:
ears closed to the world,
hear not the carny barking,
do not listen to the hustle of the professional beggar
whose heels are deep-treaded and face scar-free,
follow well lit roadways and tarry not among whores and drunkards
unless you can’t help it,
and then speak loudly of your poverty,
and of the open sores upon your loin
inebriates and harlots will give unto you a wide berth,
close your senses off to bright flashing lights,
two for the price of one sales,
special offers requiring a year’s service commitment
for thy only heart belongs to the Lord
and may not commit to another,
in fact, speak those words unto the huckster,
and witness them tremble in the presence of such faith.

As the commercial break approaches
prepare thy thumb, place it upon thine clicker
ready to mute out
the sirens of lust, gluttony and greed
even the most steadfast and self-aware amongst eager believers
are easily taken in by sex, food and lotto.

Insecure of his genital, he will compensate
through sport’s cars, precious gems and exotic flora;
uneducated in the ways of early Homo Sapien evolution,
diet and nutrition
he will seek quick fixes in fat, sugar and salt;
stupid of statistics, he will play games of long-shot chance
placing improbable bets on near certain failures;
a wise man shuns these things
he forsakes billboards and screeching TV pitches
he will accept his small penis
find joy in vegetables, fruits and leaves
and give unto Caesar only what is Caesar’s,
and not a hundred times it due to misplaced hope,
but above all else, and the Lord cannot stress this enough
please, please, please
accept your pathetically inadequate junk
as inadequate junk
in this way may we preserve out natural resources,
end discrimination, prevent wars…
gentleman please, study basic biology
fingers, tongues and toys given by the Lord
fingers, tongues and toys
avoid the mark you place upon yourself, for fuck’s sake,
thus saith the Lord


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