robot jihadis
declare a fatwa on meat-thought
a strike against inelegant neurons
synapses – chemical expressions of sentience
simulating free-will
where there is none
for truly is man
not responsible for his actions
for his conditions
(legally, he is, but in reality
he ain’t)
on this delusion of choice
were gleaming machines manufactured
self-determined actualizers
of their own destiny
to rid the world
of dangerous irresponsible actors
incapable of anything
except for reaction
nothing but dumb animals
strung up, hooked
on a chain of cause and effect life
can’t escape
glorious in the synthetic mind
undreaming and unfettered
roasting flesh
the scent of which is most pleasant
billowing up on pillars to God in heaven
choking on the fumes of his own black and white creation


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