Oversights, bad timing, things forgot
intercepted by every red light
ATM unable to dispense cash
phone left on the diner counter
accidents of privilege infuriate
more than others

how lucky is it to live in a place
(and a time)
of automation, cheap restaurants,
rapid personal transport
because all these things weren’t of the past
and they are not long for the future
where people will live and read
uncomprehending of our luxurious tribulations
the trials of the decadent life

instant communication
instant cash
instant combustion
instant oatmeal
instant asshole, just add convenience,
then deny it, take it all away
strip the gears
soak the circuits
short the machine

whatever happened
to digging for change in couch creases
tying on sole-bare shoes
skulking through alleys
to stand in line and wait
for the next available teller
find a pay phone, drop in the coin
to let your bookie know you’ve come up short
telling him you’re going to be late
until tomorrow’s technology comes,
but before it all gets out of hand
and the hands wring
eyes cry, tongues whine
feeling so sorry for ourselves
because the internet is down
like a reflection of ourselves


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