Xenomaniacal Fade

Life as we know it is how we know it
there’s struggle, competition and shoe shines
coordinated attacks, constipation and bicycles built for two
and we ride
we grunt
we shit when there’s a spot of luck
and we hit
and fuck,
spit for a lovely luster
shoulder to shoulder we stand
with brittle stars and ring worms
who love, or like a sense of it, living
in so much the same as we do
emerging luckily out of murkily deep time
to rise and shine on happy sun-splashed beaches
not alone at all
every man is an island to a wondrous array
of organisms micro and other
who thank their hosts, or would if they could
for such an hospitable home
yet still we feel alone and abandoned
a life in the otherment, strangers saddened,
in an immense reality – our own –
that shrivels, baked in a violent oven –
atmospheric convection shrinky-dinking
our world of species and space to which we turn
for our expansive need of greater vibrancy and bounty
sampling our eggs and comely sperms
probing nether-eyes in programs of E.T. outreach
as our home contracts, the universe expands
and we desire to tap into its expansion
for universal importance
there’re gods and aliens
who’ve taken an interest, specifically, in us
our seed, our dreams, our sex
hybrids of the new world order
half god and half fully man
half Christ and half an alien
our experience of the supernatural
rooted in cunts and ethereal cocks…
there’s no lesson in any of this
except our own inevitable extinction
and how our DNA longs to survive
that slow-winding non-impregnating buttfuck
of an erectile dysfunctioning


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