Be responsible
do not feel responsible
others will hold you that
they will hold you in contempt
they will hold you fallible and careless
and carelessly
you must hold yourself like a tender egg
in the jaws of a mother croc
like the feel-real vibrating vagina
holds your ex-boyfriend’s cock
in lonely rooms
where wine is studied and law books drank
caught up in snares
prepped for the quartering
feeble within the imprinted belief
‘tis better to be this than that
damn it!
if you haven’t yet
send your box tops in for the decoder ring
it’s the responsible thing
without it
you’ll go on as always
hiding in dark corners
barely able to wait for privacy
to whack off to meticulously minded memories
of obese blondes in red micro-shorts
jutting their conical pig legs out car doors
as they rock and roll – shifting the weight
cheek to cheek on their enormous derrieres
to do something so simple… to stand on two feet… as they rise, you rise
my, how responsibility can get you so horny


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