3 Wise Cannibals

Riding their camels in year zero
over sand dunes of parallel Earth
a star stoned on crab nebula gas
commits an error of grave redemptive horror
burning bright in the wrong misguided eyes
of blood-lusty travelers, hungry
they follow their magical astral arrow
to where a family of three
Ma, Pa and newborn sucker
squat it out in an animal pen
scent of straw, feces and domestic musk
but under it,
inhaled pleasantly through broad luxurious nostrils:
pumping adrenalin, blood – red rich meat,
and something else
Behold! A babe is born in Israel
upon it they fell as a group
Jo and Mare dealt swift sabre blows
and that little Lord
eaten raw, chunks of heavenly flesh of his flesh
in gore streaked beards
breaking out the brain from its skull
fresh and easy through the fontanelle
sweet Jesus
the 3 wise cannibals came in their flowing gowns
an orgasmic orgy of godly delight
pliant and tender to the bone
a meal fit for a king
a king of all kings
O, the suffering succulent damnation!
of the first
and last


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