Cutting Room Killing Floor

Evidence for bad acting is strongest in silence
muted televisions – exaggerated expressions
brows furrowed, heads shaking, hair flipping
intense stares of vacant intention
palpable defeat in each flash of tooth
and chin nod
eyebrows knit, determined to convey
the conviction of their character
I love the desperation of their big tits
of their movie screen foreheads
grand and gleaming under baby powder
strutting in over crank motion towards the audience
anxiously desirous to walk out of the film
and into our elusive acceptance
of their brilliant portrayals of neurotic men,
awkward women – misunderstood mutes mugging for me
it’s a human display, fully nude
erect like a plumage plucked peacock
mounting its final assault on hen hill
more real than reality TV
humans without voice
a purely visual display
fake and frank
frail and raw
in their rolls
in a way never to be
in their lives as humans
waiting for lights
waiting for action
but only getting cut


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