Forever Dense

God is a dull human thing, boring
stripped of true imagination,
macho all-powerful posturing
incapable of amusement and wholly lacking in humor
and self-deprecation,
such a simplistic device devised to explain
life, the universe and our origins,
but it cannot explain life because it is eternal
and what never is born and never dies
was never alive and cannot know what it is like
to live, dynamically
About the universe, it tells us nothing
apart from it, standing outside of it –
Whereas God is without beginning or end,
immutable, infinite – and therefore obvious –
our universe is expansive and accelerating
imperfect with quantum asymmetries
ruled by laws
not the creator of laws
it grows and changes – delights and surprises,
springing out from a singular density
like a trick can of snakes
our universe is never quite what we expect it to be
and one day it will, like us, die
for we are made not in the image of God,
but of the matter of the universe
we are born exploding from stars, imperfect,
exactly as we and the lights from a hundred billion
madly racing galaxies towards the end of time should be


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