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It’s You

January 31, 2013

Colonization doesn’t end
cast off the oppressor and the niche of oppression remains
to be filled by an economical dingo
positively bursting at the jaw in jism
drooling thick ropes like syrup
over all the delicious opportunities
open for business
to kinder, friendlier infant killers
and child abusers
crafting scenic wastelands,
desolate but for the gasmask tourists
dappling the desert seashores
like anorexic minotaurs at the end of their maze
waiting for the next colonial challenger
to heave-ho o’er the horizon
bearing the catchiest jingle, the slickest pitch
the twistiest P.R. and the brutiest boys in blue
watered in capsaicin and cultivated in camps
of cynical nihilism
“We’ve got our rights, man?”
“Yeah, you can start with your right to remain silent.”
“We’re exercising our constitutional freedoms here, yo!”
“You’ll find you’ll get a more vigorous work out stamping license plates.”
“You’re pissing on the founding fathers, pig!”
“Sir, those founders foundered long ago…
so now then, Mr. Freedom, could you kindly hold this baton with your teeth…”
Protest is no contest
when the demonstrators
have conceded to the state the legal authority to murder
and murder, that’s not even a slippery slope
that’s a greased pig giving a free whole hog ride
to imprisonment
to torture, to ‘non-lethal’ use of force
and the freest ride of all
goes to those who bought it.



January 30, 2013

River’s can’t drink more than their volume
in heavy water – sewage flows
forgive the existence
pardon the persistence
where banks no longer maintain a hold
no help for the helpless
no work for the unemployed
storms are God
God pushes forward the storm
in conclusion, en masse
nowhere is the last fortune
where carpetbaggers look for the ends
overflowing banks, disrupted
everybody back in their beds
where time holds dogged flows
and flows cradle bad faith

Zombies Are Children Too

January 29, 2013

Adorable cadavers in our corpsely finest
dressed and prettied up
caked in patted on makeup
our family and friends are ready to be seen again
mouth always looking bigger
as if weighted back in the corners
by devilish hooks, set firm
and set to reel the body hellward
acres of archaic belief
boxes of bodies dumped in holes
we are like senseless squirrels
hiding our nuts
I questioned all this
innocently asking, “What’s the point?”
and my friend said, “Closure.”
an important concept
but is it achieved with the dead
underfoot like unruly children in the kitchen
never letting us forget they forever hunger?
our two great downfalls: reproduction and death
the former is the latter,
which caused me such consternation to see
a bumper sticker proclamation: God is Pro-life
but how that claim?
all evidence is contrary
not all possible life lives – there is an infinity
of non-existent beings, but it is true
all that lives does die
if god is pro-life
it is in the abstract only
drowning children, men and women (pregnant ones too)
and condemning all to the slow death
that is in the day by day
of aging redwoods, squirrels in the boughs,
and men brandishing chainsaws
keeping scampering rodentia in the cross-hairs

Out of the Closet

January 28, 2013

Cornered, a broadcast tell on the bluff
like a fraudulent claim in a one car crash
no one to blame but beer and a tree
powerless not to confess
a common witch caught prying eyes out of newts
nothing for them but to get the rope tight and strike a match
and today of all days, god does not choose
to break a foul wind the sinner’s way
nothing blows you like that heavenly breath
not hypocrisy; not deceit, bigotry or lies
not even the male escort
purchased online
I am every closet-case right-wing homophobe ever outed
and I approve this message


January 27, 2013

“When you use a rag you’re washing your face with clothes detergent,”
she said.
“My God! Look at what you’re doing!
Don’t dig your fingernails into your scalp.
Massage the shampoo in using your fingertips,
like this.
No wonder you have dandruff and
split ends,”
she said.
“You’ll damage your hair rubbing it with a towel like that.
You squeeze the hair out dry. No wonder you have split ends,”
she said.
“Look at those black heads around your nose.
You need to exfoliate.
Here, use my luffa.
Look at that big one.
Let me pick that out,”
she said.
You bought Suave shampoo?
This stuff’ll burn and strip your hair.
No wonder you have split ends,”
she said.
“This Dial soap does nothing but clog your pores.
It’s destroying your face.
Use my oatmeal soap.
Let me get that black head,”
she said.
“Don’t condition the top of your head.
Only put conditioner on the ends.
It doesn’t do anything up there.
No wonder you have split ends,”
she said, “Come here,”
and she took a pair of scissors
and snip went the hated hairs
and she said, “Now women will want you.”
And I asked, “Do you want women wanting me?”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she said,
And that’s when I knew I was being groomed.
I’d been built up to be put out
on the curb
healthy, full-bodied radiant hair
clean, glowing skin
and lessons for the long haul.

That’s What I Get

January 26, 2013

once God is involved
there’s no proving anything

reason and religion
completely incompatible

the realm of spirit
hostile to logic

just as facts murder the divine
science is deicide

acceptance of magic
is the denial of cause and effect

miracles destroy predictability, create chaos,
irrationality, gibbering mindless madness

I’ve read the bible
that’s what I get from it

Under Frost and God

January 25, 2013

Too much mind spent in others’ lives
ice cracking like a scorched sugar skin
fissures rupturing, spreading wide – rebirth
of trapped corpses frozen for all winter long
popping up from the thaw like startled frogs
slick amphibians like a freshly extracted condom
a glistening Papal sin
pulled like a knife out of Christ’s icy heart…

It’s these people; unhappy with their own madness
they seek to spread it onto others, relentless
In their evangelism – they see others as a danger
possessing agendas: secular, homosexual, socialist
the projector runs a film of their own desires
upon the viscera of their enemies…

It’s these people, vectors of dogmatic disease,
ruthlessly infecting defenseless children,
targeting the weak, the hopeless, the grief stricken

It’s these people who want you to be as them
so you can hate as them, like them, with them
in concert, congregated
they need their bigotries and prejudices
to be validated in you
the absence of hand-wringing hatred in others’ lives
prompts their attacks

It’s these people, selfish in their crippled world view
they are not against health care
they are against it for you
they are not anti-science
they are anti-science benefitting you
they do not hate women
they hate your women
the harlots, whores and welfare queens

If only they and their God were right
and we were all created
from a single mold of our kind,
all humanity pouring out
singular of mind and spirit
lock step in absolute agreement
all the same
and it wouldn’t even be fascism
because there would be no oppression
no limits on speech because one book says it all
if only we were all white
all Christian
can’t you see how it would be so much better
and the uppity dead could be laid to rest
back in the depths again
as we wait patiently for winter to return
and to conceal all our crimes
under frost and God

Paleontological Desires

January 24, 2013

Pick a bone any bone to pick
gets better digging into the past
than exposing the current
how much easier is it to stone the witch
than ask her if she loves Jesus
in the grip of excellence
spurts lonely justice at the rising sun
a god of glowing glory easy to believe in
because He blinds all who opt for close examination
burnt out husks, unhappy homes
desire is ugly when the majority ruling
desires ugly
brush strokes and gentle chisels
sculpting marble breasts, precise
nipples, non-biological, silicate milk
fig leaf cunts looking for closure
from withered pricks hidden
we travel back
belief systems like dominos falling
back through time
pregnancies undone
aborted embryos reinserted
the magic wand – up pussy, ultrasonic terror
little woman in a country by man
hope, change… concepts of the slain
dead on battlefields where corpses
tickle their own clits
back into life back into being
back it up back from the dead
excavating lost wonders
reconstructing history
the process is slow, the times are quick
we are a blink – a second’s worth
of insatiable joy
in the brontosaur’s eye, closed
and sighing – open and crying
we are them
they are us
homo sapiens unnamed, lost
apatosaurs in bloom
faces like flowers


January 23, 2013

distill the proud irrationality
triple filter its madness into ethos
speak in threatening verse
foresee the end of an age
exalt your own powers of violence
rage against the coming of tyranny
manufacture fearful fantasy
attack the strawmen
the magisterial dragons of your imagination
end times are coming
they are marching armies
advancing upon your liberty
in hot pursuit of your happiness
assert boldly your martyrdom
rights that are yours
under no danger of revocation
must be defended
tilt, brave sir, tilt
windmills are giants upon the horizon
now you are Lancelot, charging into battle
undaunted, but my, how far you have come
considering, once upon a time
to dodge service
willingly you loaded your pants
to avoid bearing the loaded gun
see how the face of cowardice
changes over the years
yet also see how the song doesn’t change
shit out your ass
shit out your mouth
shit remains the same


January 22, 2013

What you’re looking for is what works
stalk it slow, circle predatory
stretch truth, tell tall tales
make claims
about what you have found…
state how this thing that works
doesn’t work
spin words of dysfunction
let the people know
how well and good you, and only you
can fix the thing that ain’t broke
and when they buy your vile wares
give you the carte blanche power you crave
break the thing
smash it
pound it to obliterated ruin
and then quickly now
because time is the essence
cast blame
it’s the fault of the queers, of the jews
of welfare queens and immigrants
claim it’s society
the whole stinking system
too many rules and restraints
keeping job creators
from shaking their money makers
and now you’ve done it again
found something else that works
government regulations
enforcing ethical business practices,
and therein does the problem lie
the moral compass must be bent
to always point to yourself
in that way, by eschewing ethics
there’s no need for fancy games
dictators do as they please
when ruling over a broken people
and what better way to break them
than to make them believe
helping one another is immoral