Captive audiences are the best
expectant ears and eyes before the parade
young minds awaiting floats, flowers
and candy scatter-tossed across black top
are thrown more
by street walking sadists bearing placards and pamphlets
strutting their insecurities down the pavement
and into the spectators’ hearts
as the stealth bomber glides
science and warfare
superstition and warfare –
talk is made of the separation of church and state
but more important than that
is the immense gulf imperatively maintained at all times
between science and superstition,
these guys should never meet
because when people who believe
“ALL have Sinned”
“Jesus gives Eternal Life”
and that it is time to…
The Kingdom of GOD is Near”
ignorantly clamber up on the shoulders of E = mc2
the wrath of God is the idiocy of man
and for those who can’t see it
for those who think a handful of hateful sadists
can’t ruin a message of peace, love and turning the other cheek – well,
they’re not witness
to the same sad parade
I’m staring down
like the barrel of a very loaded gun
but I can understand why
for some, the nurturing of nuts goes unseen…
why on a river lined with trees
bowed toward the swift waters
would one particular birch
that has lurched all the more outward
on eroded roots
ready to topple and plunge
in one brisk break from the bank
stand out from the rest?
to the gynecologist
all those diseased cunts look the same
talk of sin and salvation
is a yeast infection
condemnation of condoms, abortion and gays
oozing syphilitic lesions –
jihad and sharia is a raspberry queef
in the trained eye of western scientific advance
mad belching twats all
from Unitarian to suicide bomber
the sliding scale of ignorant self-delusion
begins where enlightenment ends…
chunked dog meat in swine snot
it’s what’s for dinner, drizzled onto penitent tongues
from their voice of authority –
the myths of bronze age goat herders
whose greatest theological inquiry
was to wonder where the sun goes at night
and they never figured it out
such a simple question and all the god’s horses
and all the god’s men died in dark ignorance
the day science put their sun to bed
by wising up those centuries of dumb fucks to the fact:
they hadn’t even been asking the right question
because as every school girl knows
the sun don’t go nowhere, little darling,
we do
we turn our backs on it
every night
every time we read our Holy books by electric light
it wasn’t Jesus who saved us from the dark
anymore than it was Mohammad who taught us to fly
their only lesson: how to crash and burn.


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