Moose Jaw

Into the moose jaw Armageddon
Revelations in North Star frost
kill is a synonym for “my country ‘tis of thee”
draped on clothes line like crystal lace on the wind screen
red high-heeled pumps working the pedals
waiting for the scratch –n- sniff race to the bottom to begin
she who holds the wheel wields
the red, white and blue hot sword of horrendous damnation alley
eating meat of wolf
sucking off Jesus through the igloo’s glory hole
parting partitions
farting politicians
breaking founding father walls
sing me a lullaby of Lilliputian lies
by the sea side where
walrus sleep deep dreams of crunching seals under God
who orders Taliban borealis make the stand
spells written upon her hand
raised high
the witch doctor calls on the snows to start their fall
and blanket the world
nuclear winter by hockey mom conceit
a moose lays me down to sleep


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One Response to “Moose Jaw”

  1. northernmalewhite Says:

    man, this is about the first interesting use of words i’ve come across after trawling these blogs for hours.. no mentions of faith, rain, pain or any of that horseshit.

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