Interactive Hallucinogenic Applied Therapy

on a walk through the arboretum
a therapist and her patients
all middle-aged men, white
wearing button up shirts, white
and suit coats to cover their paunch
stars and stripes on the lapel
they encircle her, dazed
focus falling here and there
on the movements
of a ground squirrel in underbrush
a green parrot hanging inverted
from palm fronds above
sweat beading on high balding brows, white
pupils like deep oil pools, black
dilated sucking wells pulling reality under
into their trembling frontal lobes, grey,
of their right-wing brains, white
breaking free of control
rebelling against this nature, any nature
that is not of their nature…

She urges them along, their psychiatric care-giver
saying nothing except when to hush
the old conditioning
of years breaking through
“Imagine what a private interest
could do with
this park,” says one.
Sh, she says, Sh
“You can’t sell out
if you never bought
into the idea of
selling out in the
first place,” says another.
Sh, she says, Sh
“Blood and soil,” yet one more
says, “America is its people
bonded to the land.”
Sh, she says, Sh
and a quiet overtakes
quite complete
not a breeze in the leaves
it is whole and swallowing
at last one of the old boys farts
laughter erupts
“Now that’s what we’re talking about,”
an enraged voice calls out of the group
and the horrible mirage disperses
into ATMs, power poles, 7-11s
and Chase Manhattan banks
and all the old men breathe easily,
again – what a near disaster
mistaking what they did
for their Oxycotin and Viagra –
right out in public
surrounding the Spirit of Justice
dicks in their hands
they never want another circle jerk like that
“Do you think,” asks one
“the people will believe
that it’s just pigeon shit
in her eyes?”
Sh, they say, Sh


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One Response to “Interactive Hallucinogenic Applied Therapy”

  1. Ronald E. Shields Says:

    yeah, i believe some people will believe anything…very nice bit of writing.

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