Gulf Douche

If only your jesus lips could reach down low
all the way to earth and kiss your own jesus-feet
and let the poor mop-bucket women tend to their own wounds
leaving the god-meat business
up to your own jesus-hands
they all wait to take up their problems
explain these wet-pink dream machines
that manufacture gods and war
and gods of war and rape
and rapist gods
sticking it in
like a swan
like a stud bull
like a beam of light
hanging it down
like a divine swizzle stick
into the eye of the storm
waggling it around
stirring up a spasm of punishment
spank the sinners with meteorology gone wild
do it, do it, do it hurricane style
lay the law – god prick justice
do it for the faggots
the single moms
the abortions
the ACLU
the feminists
the feminist single moms of aborted faggots protected by the ACLU
if only your jesus-tongue could lick your own jesus-ass clean
you wouldn’t have to use mankind for a douche.


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