Legend Unbound

All legends come to diminish
even our greatest
of duplicative technologies
cannot keep disintegration of lore at bay
mass production produces masses
all of a crowd equally frail and transitory
for the landfill of human memory bound
for the fraying of human minds unsound
for the braying of new madness found
for it all
water will come
earth will and fire will
wind will come
mobs will and wars will
ideologies will come
for it all exists in peril
by geo-political…
geo-logical… will
work, toil, fight
cannot save
cannot save
cannot save
ends come, they arise always
willful or hateful or accidental
or not
‘twas of no matter to Alexandria
to Horace, Agathon, Aeschylus
or Bakhtin smoking Yevsky
in fires, in graveyards, in despair
Rocky Mountains will Appalachians become
slow erosion by elements and error
by the cessation of benefactors
thrusting up their heights
until the grand formidable
is entirely get-riddable
and nobody sings the eulogic dirge
melody and word
it’s lost too


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