Get Hip

Unexhibited out-takes of grotesqueries
ease the sightless eye in its pleasant prison
that it cannot see as a cage
into where it ventured freely
only to find
the way behind snapped closed
like a sun-scarred iris
overly eager in gaze
to see the sun die if only for a moment
a minute, of permanence,
set against the infinite disgust
its rays expose
upon a planet over dense
too vast
a circumference uncircumsizable
this ultimate and unbridgeable sickness
finally cast in penumbric dark
dulling in shadows what is too hurtful
for cones and rods to sustain inverted in their watch
ticking like a savior who directs only into Hell
this is the way we say goodbye
after our friends are gone
when the light is departed
when the trap springs
isolating the animal from its kind
so much better to be blind
than accept the world as seen.
Lights out.


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