distill the proud irrationality
triple filter its madness into ethos
speak in threatening verse
foresee the end of an age
exalt your own powers of violence
rage against the coming of tyranny
manufacture fearful fantasy
attack the strawmen
the magisterial dragons of your imagination
end times are coming
they are marching armies
advancing upon your liberty
in hot pursuit of your happiness
assert boldly your martyrdom
rights that are yours
under no danger of revocation
must be defended
tilt, brave sir, tilt
windmills are giants upon the horizon
now you are Lancelot, charging into battle
undaunted, but my, how far you have come
considering, once upon a time
to dodge service
willingly you loaded your pants
to avoid bearing the loaded gun
see how the face of cowardice
changes over the years
yet also see how the song doesn’t change
shit out your ass
shit out your mouth
shit remains the same


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