Paleontological Desires

Pick a bone any bone to pick
gets better digging into the past
than exposing the current
how much easier is it to stone the witch
than ask her if she loves Jesus
in the grip of excellence
spurts lonely justice at the rising sun
a god of glowing glory easy to believe in
because He blinds all who opt for close examination
burnt out husks, unhappy homes
desire is ugly when the majority ruling
desires ugly
brush strokes and gentle chisels
sculpting marble breasts, precise
nipples, non-biological, silicate milk
fig leaf cunts looking for closure
from withered pricks hidden
we travel back
belief systems like dominos falling
back through time
pregnancies undone
aborted embryos reinserted
the magic wand – up pussy, ultrasonic terror
little woman in a country by man
hope, change… concepts of the slain
dead on battlefields where corpses
tickle their own clits
back into life back into being
back it up back from the dead
excavating lost wonders
reconstructing history
the process is slow, the times are quick
we are a blink – a second’s worth
of insatiable joy
in the brontosaur’s eye, closed
and sighing – open and crying
we are them
they are us
homo sapiens unnamed, lost
apatosaurs in bloom
faces like flowers


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