Under Frost and God

Too much mind spent in others’ lives
ice cracking like a scorched sugar skin
fissures rupturing, spreading wide – rebirth
of trapped corpses frozen for all winter long
popping up from the thaw like startled frogs
slick amphibians like a freshly extracted condom
a glistening Papal sin
pulled like a knife out of Christ’s icy heart…

It’s these people; unhappy with their own madness
they seek to spread it onto others, relentless
In their evangelism – they see others as a danger
possessing agendas: secular, homosexual, socialist
the projector runs a film of their own desires
upon the viscera of their enemies…

It’s these people, vectors of dogmatic disease,
ruthlessly infecting defenseless children,
targeting the weak, the hopeless, the grief stricken

It’s these people who want you to be as them
so you can hate as them, like them, with them
in concert, congregated
they need their bigotries and prejudices
to be validated in you
the absence of hand-wringing hatred in others’ lives
prompts their attacks

It’s these people, selfish in their crippled world view
they are not against health care
they are against it for you
they are not anti-science
they are anti-science benefitting you
they do not hate women
they hate your women
the harlots, whores and welfare queens

If only they and their God were right
and we were all created
from a single mold of our kind,
all humanity pouring out
singular of mind and spirit
lock step in absolute agreement
all the same
and it wouldn’t even be fascism
because there would be no oppression
no limits on speech because one book says it all
if only we were all white
all Christian
can’t you see how it would be so much better
and the uppity dead could be laid to rest
back in the depths again
as we wait patiently for winter to return
and to conceal all our crimes
under frost and God


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