Zombies Are Children Too

Adorable cadavers in our corpsely finest
dressed and prettied up
caked in patted on makeup
our family and friends are ready to be seen again
mouth always looking bigger
as if weighted back in the corners
by devilish hooks, set firm
and set to reel the body hellward
acres of archaic belief
boxes of bodies dumped in holes
we are like senseless squirrels
hiding our nuts
I questioned all this
innocently asking, “What’s the point?”
and my friend said, “Closure.”
an important concept
but is it achieved with the dead
underfoot like unruly children in the kitchen
never letting us forget they forever hunger?
our two great downfalls: reproduction and death
the former is the latter,
which caused me such consternation to see
a bumper sticker proclamation: God is Pro-life
but how that claim?
all evidence is contrary
not all possible life lives – there is an infinity
of non-existent beings, but it is true
all that lives does die
if god is pro-life
it is in the abstract only
drowning children, men and women (pregnant ones too)
and condemning all to the slow death
that is in the day by day
of aging redwoods, squirrels in the boughs,
and men brandishing chainsaws
keeping scampering rodentia in the cross-hairs


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