It’s You

Colonization doesn’t end
cast off the oppressor and the niche of oppression remains
to be filled by an economical dingo
positively bursting at the jaw in jism
drooling thick ropes like syrup
over all the delicious opportunities
open for business
to kinder, friendlier infant killers
and child abusers
crafting scenic wastelands,
desolate but for the gasmask tourists
dappling the desert seashores
like anorexic minotaurs at the end of their maze
waiting for the next colonial challenger
to heave-ho o’er the horizon
bearing the catchiest jingle, the slickest pitch
the twistiest P.R. and the brutiest boys in blue
watered in capsaicin and cultivated in camps
of cynical nihilism
“We’ve got our rights, man?”
“Yeah, you can start with your right to remain silent.”
“We’re exercising our constitutional freedoms here, yo!”
“You’ll find you’ll get a more vigorous work out stamping license plates.”
“You’re pissing on the founding fathers, pig!”
“Sir, those founders foundered long ago…
so now then, Mr. Freedom, could you kindly hold this baton with your teeth…”
Protest is no contest
when the demonstrators
have conceded to the state the legal authority to murder
and murder, that’s not even a slippery slope
that’s a greased pig giving a free whole hog ride
to imprisonment
to torture, to ‘non-lethal’ use of force
and the freest ride of all
goes to those who bought it.


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