State Rights, Divine

In prayer to ignore the world
feeling good doing nothing
passing the buck to god
awaiting response beyond geologic time
miracles on the way like retreating ice sheets
glacially de-advancing from the heat of science
the distinguished creator and cataclysmic destroyer
of this great economic falsehood
cloaked upon nations
to disguise the world for the green
for the diminishing dollars
of coal
of gold
of methane, trees and oil
of bought
of sold
of inhumane greed and toil
when it’s finally understood
climate and economy are one
locked in a death spiral
a double helix of the scientific and poli-pontific
a burrowing worm mirroring DNA
in a bonded ladder, climbing up
rupturing through the veil of Heaven’s clouds
to reveal prayers, unanswered
hanging bloated in low confederate branches
long since ceased kicking in the heat


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