Morbid Conclusion

for the lost species did great sickness come
an uncaring plague
a bringer to high and low, leader and follower
speaker and hearer –– all alike
indiscriminately it came
deliverer of ennui and apathy
leveler of compassion and interest
the world diminished
plants and animals at a jarring pace erased
and although noticed
for the first stage of illness was denial
a denial spread far and vast
by parties more greatly concerned
with their enterprises of personal benefit and profit
which trumped the well-being of every other living thing
they waged wasteful and destructive war
against truth
in aid of a silence of facts
lies spread and so to the disease
until critical irreversibility was reached
and the species most afflicted came to grim acceptance
too late
as its planet burned
vibrancy expired
and so much
of what made life brilliant and warm
grew dark and passionless
a morbid conclusion had come
self interest consumed the self-interested
bought and brought perishment and desolation
the epidemic, its course run complete
unhappy, silly little man
king of nothing but his own boredom
in a world lost of all wonder
except his own


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One Response to “Morbid Conclusion”

  1. Gordon Freeman Says:

    brilliantly emotive and powerful, so much so as to garnish itself with the label ‘EPIC!’

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