Life Expectancy

As for life expectancy, expect nothing
do not seize the day
days are for letting go, for leisure
not seizure
holding on to them is surely a trap
a prison constructed of time spent too freely
a moment mortgaged against all to come
expectations for a future that may not be
yours for the taking
the bull by the horns
there is a cost
crushed bones, punctured viscera
blood in the trenches of bad aphorisms
to save and to earn
are not the same thing
we earn ourselves, who we are
and in so doing, cannot save who we were
the game progresses, experience grows
you might think you’re a rock, but
you are an island
as all men are
an archipelago network of give and take
a society, interconnected, aswim at sea
you live by the good graces of others
all of us surviving by mutual consent
that’s the establishment
and you didn’t build that
you are not self made
and to seize the day
is to take it from another
it is selfishness
it is libertine turned libertarian
monomaniacal short-sightedness
masquerading as deep political philosophy
hurray for me and mine
fuck for you and yours
whatever it is you think you’ve got a grip on
your liberty is my prison
and the days you seize are me
as I attempt to slip beneath the surf
a murder under the radar
a background check to reassure me that I was
and will be again with my firearm


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One Response to “Life Expectancy”

  1. Mridubala Says:

    /your liberty is my prison/

    Yes, sometimes it is true ! Good !

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