Enshrined Barbarism

How do you choose who
when the time comes for 2nd amendment solutions?

Everyone faces the tyrant of their choice
picking all by themselves at their will
the despot du jour
to overthrow
to righteously kill
the revolution will not be organized
will not be organized, but televised
it must be and is
to inflame the psychopath
to tip the scales of the mentally unbalanced
to take up arms
this awful right of the people
O, this unimpeded right of the mob
to have, to hold, to bear, carry and conceal
but to shoot… to shoot
to murder
this is the price of the right
one man’s choice
of what ground to stand
is the cessation of another’s life
and all the choices of her future unfulfilled
a broken promise
a smoking gun
in this one way
this one way at least
the founding fathers and their constitution
got it wrong
a big gaping wound of an error to think
man acts in rational self-interest
and not in the names of gods
in corporations
in arms manufacturers
in paranoia
and misinformation
yes it is true
the old revolutionaries made a mistake
pumped up on the success of their own liberation from tyranny
they put in place the right
the horrible right to violence
that’s what the 2nd amendment says
violence is the answer
and maybe then, in that era
of imperial colonialism
intercontinental slave trade
conquest, manifest destiny, dispute settled by duel
it was
it was the principle answer
for these men of the enlightenment
who enlightened as they were
never-the-less enshrined this barbarism
into the law of the land
the right of the people
to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed
and that’s a damn shame
damn national shame


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