Not Now

priest proffered pretzels on penitent tongues
masses on knees consuming twisted sacrifice
dead men to plywood pounded as prophesied
wasn’t enough along for redemption, no
it must be willfull accepted as sacrament
drink deep the wine of blood
supped up the crazy straw, clearly
we are, all of us, sane here this day
waiting for our here-after’s celestial rewards
like frequent flyer miles spent to go straight to Heaven
on loop-de-loop wings the angels fly us
a spirit journey of bronze age lunacy
re-enacted presently again and until time’s end,
which should be along any minute now,
honestly, yea – I can promise you
some of you here today shall not taste death
you can bank on that, truly, just trust
it’s nigh, it really is, coming right up
wait for it, wait for it and… NOW
okay, not quite yet, but get ready, prepare for it… NOW
whoops, once again, slight miscalculation
forgot to carry the one there
making the correction, recalculating, this time for sure
and… now.


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