Forgetting 9/11

What is the curse
of too many choices?
The very thought of freedom
as no more than
a panoply of products.
It was after 9/11,
and you know what that was,
you might even be, right now,
attempting mightily to remember,
but as for me
I’m forgetting 9/11 – that day
it was an historical event
best rendered by historians
into texts, dissertations and documentaries
although to it, I was a witness
more, I endured the aftermath
the blind nationalism
obsessive patriotism
endless pontifications
wily justifications
and anti-war demonstrations.
What a wondrous show
a singular opportunity
for democracy to shine
rise above
be all it could be, but instead
we got a TV ad, and in it
a grocery trolley chugs down the supermarket lane
the wheels rolling like liberty
consumer good whipping by
all along the aisle, shelves and shelves
variety, variety… endless, fantastic
cereals and chips
Doritos, Ruffles, Lays
Cheerios, Wheaties, Trix
this, defined, is the USA
this is what they tried to kill
they thought they’d bring an end to our way of life
bring an end to the American way
to our frenzy of choice
our consumer paradise
land of plenty… of want
of rationalizations
of thrills to seek
to seek and destroy
an enemy
worthy our collective hate
an enemy
after our freedom
an enemy
after me Lucky Charms.


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