Wildside Walk to Take

it won’t heal
old bullet hole
got me in head
through cheek bone, high
i keep tampon in there
stuck in
string dangle
for me to suck
in nervousness and concentration
my system work out
change plug when i brush
sneeze is problem
blow bloody mass
across crowded bar
cotton into jack and coke
of biggest man in room
who mistake it for cherry and stem…

woman shot me
she enjoy predicament
think it ironic
poetic justice
but i find no rhyme or measure,
call me cunt head
incredible menstruating man
she, cruelty…
it not like tampon first choice
tried wine cork
blood pool
spill drooling sheet
out mouth
man no go through life
that way

woke up late afternoon
squirrel stash nut in my noggin
cheek of that bugger
puffy tail, white belly
snatch him up
stick him in cage
bought exercise wheel
he crawl in
and run, he does
eight hour, each day, sometime nine
but i know what he like
reward him
let him stick nut in my hole
poor guy keep turning wheel
look so expectant at end of it
but i no grant access
not every night
over time he lose interest
tail go rat skinny
belly turn dirt brown
tuck off to sleep
first thing off
after exhausting spin around
it make me feel superfluous,
time come though
and soon
i feed him well
he fit but fattened
just right really
for fire
spin on new wheel
spit roast
carrot and baby onion on side
it been long life
and i almost healed


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