From commerce and communication comes peace
it is a truth
in the face of contemptible corporate practices, war-like
armed with a lie
far from simple positive-sum handshake pay-offs
a synthesis
happily covering the bases of easy dual desires
two wills in agreement
in trade
better than in conflict
serenity is nestled in the heart of capitalism, dreaming
deep inside
the heaving chest of a constrictive nightmare, arrested
unable to come clean
bound and gagged by greater powers, ironically unleashed
by the lessening of Leviathanic forces
once feared as a freedom strangler,
a potential it does hold as a monopolizer of violence,
though when neutered,
its ability to inhibit stricken neutral,
in the vacuum it leaves, dominance games breed
like kingdoms at economic war
accepting gross poverty as unavoidable collateral damage
the free market becomes venerated
an invisible and omnipotent god (reified, deified)
to defy it politically is heretical
for it is perfect, inviolable
it is a truth
ultimate and triumphant, armed with a lie
capable of striking us all dead
ending this pursuit, we believed we all had a right to,
of happiness; now only for the masterful few
to whom we concede our freedom in the name of liberty


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