One Master’s Hand

And all the while the old ways were destroyed, the new
was badly abused against us
corporatists took up the cause of religion
aware how well happy infinities play
off our finite miseries and
how much men love to know they’re right,
positively, no doubt in their heart
especially when they need no work
to arrive at their knowledge…

Denial of and belief in
the counterfeit tail side
to the otherwise legal tender of the head
to tell both sides
requires the opposition to speak from their ass
voices gurgling out of dark feculent interiors
like the inside of a cave
where cavemen grunt the dim expressions
of their minds like the damp croakings
of bullfrogs in brackish holy water
they are possessed of the businessman’s will, easily

When a man’s faith is in a supreme ruler
it is simple for that man to kneel before anyone

When a man’s loyalties belong to an eternal kingdom
it is no difficulty he should pledge himself to a temporary one

This our moneyed overlords know
and they have a choke collar ready for every neck
willing to stick itself out for their cause

One master’s hand
hundreds of leads clutched in it
a pack of rabidly barking politicians at his command
and a land of the free trotting along steadfast
voting in the ruins
for who best to ruin us next


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