A Farewell to Man on an Elven Skull

magic and majesty as they wane
to self-determined madness come
was it a case of power corrupting
once noble enemy
assured defenders of light
bane of races of the dark
brutal and merciless at war
an expansionist manifest
to cleanse the land of named blights, savages
their genocidal goal
to depose those who opposed
and they did
successes numbered in stars
strategies brilliant
for them to come
to rule all lands
save those unwanted, inearthed and deep
upon this total victory what did hang
what consequences arose
boredom, ennui
a crisis of existentialist despair
a question of what now
what now for the mighty Elves
from among them unanimous
an answer formed
a new clear purpose
annihilation for their kind
an insanity
call it what you will
for none of them remain to call it any name
exile, suicide pact, mass extermination
the horror of all for one and one for all
call it what you will
they called it Aman
they called it the Blessed Realm
they called it the Undying Lands
but from here
on these abandoned shores
where Orc and Man stand and stare
across the sea, shoulder to shoulder
call it what you will
we call it death
and now the stupid fuckers, they are gone, but for bones
on which I inscribe my fondest wish
that the humans too
would follow suit


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