Ritual Skin

snake head bris, rabbi sucking cobra
spit down throat skinless
like a Yule log for santa claus
fiery bite to butt, to tongue
wee willy wiener misbehaved
hegemonically enslaved
grasp and twist and tear and suck
rituals are never enough
genital warts and saxophones
childish bits left unblown
where you meet at the goblin market
gullible cretins are your target
smile, laugh, shake hands, commend
entreaties and treacheries never cease
as friends embracing enemies feast
fleshly ringlets freshly severed
fruit-loop-dick-hoop immobilized moan
for foolish tribe a slaughter done
merrily, merrily, life is a jubilee Jews
walls up, cocks out
waggle it at intruders come
rag on, women out
superstition lives in blood and skin


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