Limping out of the gate reluctant
it’s how I live
as if wound too far, a spring gets blown
there’s nothing I agree to do
in advance
that I want to do
by when the time comes
to do it
“I’d rather not”
chisel it on my gravestone
a summation of who I am
as good as any other
a man of zero enthusiasm
pained by fun
wanting the party over before the start
turning the ignition
to sit and idle in the driveway
head pressed to the wheel
gas burns
exhaust fumes catch the breeze
the same tape in the deck for a year
feeds through the spindles
as ready to snap as I am
cut the engine, music over,
out of the car
why bother going anywhere
when anywhere is a place like here
or slightly worse
or only marginally, minimally improved
and that’s worst of all
no time is better than a good time and
anytime is better than a bad one
so I choose none


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