My Eulogizer Tells the Lies I Wrote Out for Him Before I Died

He was much loved and respected
a pillar, nay, a stately Corinthian column of the community
friend both to the downtrodden
and of those who trod them down.

Pious, he was a devout church-goer
who loved singing in the choir and playing the bells
“If there’s one thing I’m certain of,”
he was fond of saying,
“it’s the infinite peace and forgiveness of our Lord.”

His steadfast equanimity under pressure
was equally matched by his sober sense
of purpose and stoic fortitude
always assured of himself, his abilities
and decisions – this does not mean
he was a stranger to doubt – he simply
didn’t let it get the best of him.

No employer
could have hired a more dedicated man – possessive
of a work ethic extolling excellence
forged in sweat.

When it came to politics,
like all men of polite composure, he was of few words
but a true patriot seldom needs say much.

Handsome, courageous, rugged,
an avid sportsman – a man’s man
at home
in the outdoors among the beasts and little things
that crawl.

In his heart he was more servant than master
despite his flair for command
a dignified humility was his moral compass
and it surely has guided him onward
to Heaven’s true magnetic north where eternal
bliss is the
for such a life as this one lived,
amen, my good friend, I will miss you.


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