Untitled Poem

Sense, keep the senses foremost
Be sensible, four senses, foreplay
all five, maybe the sixth if the poem’s got thrust
colors are big, sensory poems dig colors
red wagons
white chickens and all that chicken shit
Red – keeping the flow
the flow of the red inside
and a green this
against a blue that
an expansive blue
to repeat the word is to expand its
something green
all aflutter
then the blue thing also
expansive color swathes
ex-pansy colors
rainbow flags and
a homo-sex cure
the ex-gays love to lecture and write poetry
hit the red circuit
the green
against the blue circuit on the lecture circuit
lecturing enemy homos
One blue out of Three green gays
think about raping the ex-gay
give a thrust to his theme
two in Three want to see
the red, green, blue cured gay
get it
and I want to see them
see him get it
get it red and blue on green
or vice versa, expansive
man’s a blue-green ex-faggot lie
there’s no change a bank will give –
the dollars collapsed – world market exchange rate ain’t happening –
and there’s no cure
the FDA’ll ever approve


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