Inhuman Selection

days are annihilation
slowly we are transformed, gradually
into dead things, willingly
we do this
we are born for it
born of genes
to crush others
do ourselves in
DNA is destruction, hell-bent
on its own relentless perpetuation
we are denied youth
rapidly matured
aged into ovulation
egged on to insemination
single-minded, insensate driven
spurred violently to flowing blood
cleaved skulls and castration
the corpse and the eunuch
are the only friends
a king can trust
when it comes to queen cunt
perfectly possessed in purity
brutish and stupid
we are a legacy of raped slaves
stained molecularly by our past
of forced and savage impregnations
selecting in ourselves
survival traits foul and vile
a rancid species, rising in horror
out of a history, doomed
toward the annihilation of all future days


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