Laughter Life

tiny pockets
of small personal meaning
is all we should expect out of life
belief in a greater reason
grand and deep
will be sure to disappoint
any but the hopelessly deluded
and the delusionally hopeful
those who search for a special
over-arching purpose
might serve themselves better
by aiming beyond
and asking themselves
what is the meaning of afterlife
for those in it
in a separate existence
severed from Earthly origins of species
sloughed off like outgrown skin
a lifeless remnant, dried husk
unloving dead
at home in paradise
in a nether-place
nowhere but existing
what do they see
how do they feel
in this space of nothing
what do they have to offer
the same old human song and dance
is that what they do
still in a quest for salvation
renewed desires
now that absolution is achieved
all is well
except for the curious questing mind
as of yet unquelled, unanswered
hands thrust deep into
tiny pockets
jostling balls
of small personal meaning
until absurdity’s chickens
come home to roost
and the cock crows a song of auto-fellatio
dizzily laughing, awaiting rebirth
away we spin
swallowing tales without end


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