Children of Choice

We, children of privilege
we climbed the mountain the easy way
born at the peak
thrust up by mighty actions of science
illuminating our dark nights
condensing our planet
into manageable bits
information, communication
transferred, conducted
in sound, in pictures
we, children of technology
were handed it all
as if a birthright
as if inherited instinct
we take it
demand it
deserve it without question or understanding
in centuries past
people lived timeless days, unchanging
until very recently, the metamorphosis
now a century is a short-lived torture
a constant birthing pain
where yesterday and tomorrow
are separated by a geologic age
from a terrible history
of precarious and tenuously consented rule
liable at a glance to collapse into blood
the very same from which we children were birthed
into our ascendency and ease
into our tranquility and peace
and if you do not accept,
that for us, we children among the living
it is a time
that is all best of times
with no comparable worst
and that we have been born
into gentleness and comfort
if this all seems somehow untrue
antithetical, nonsensical
then remember this
your ancestors given a vision of you
your life, your choices
of travel, taste, sound and bounty
would stave your snotty head in
a second
for but a single day
to live this way


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