Politics of Fear and Love

Conservatives fear the future
terrified of the unknown
they legislate against
every step forward
is one set forth upon a slippery slope
where rapid descent
into economic perishment
and unavoidable wantonness is imminent
scientific predictions
are met with denial
when the truth is frightful
the frightened fight truth
progress is to be halted
prepared for
in bunkers and silos
by hording food
stockpiling weapons and ammunition
the end is always nigh
God is angry
mankind is being brought to the brink
and leftist politics are at fault
faggots, feminists and foreigners
the whole world’s scary
monsters gibbering in dank darkness
fairytales consuming souls.

Liberals fear the past
terrified of the barbarism of history
the well known quantity
of man’s incivility to man
documented violence
slaughter of enemies
destruction of their homelands
savage rapes and slave impregnations
the legacy that stains our DNA
victim blaming
murder glorification
genocide in the name of supernatural entities
against this delusion of terrors
they hope to establish Leviathanic levees
never to be topped
rising stolid
as to not slip into yesterday’s vulgarities
human nature
our ancestry
is foulness to be vanquished,
the fire-belching stench scaled beast
to be lanced through
finally, by science
an end of biology through technology
fairytales filling holes.

Conservatives love answers
their minds are soothed by absolutes
like a medieval realist
who closes his eyes
and peeping-Toms his way into the mind of God
to spy upon what it is the good Lord craves
convictions are better than facts
be they stupid things or stubborn
nothing is better than blind certainty
blinkered reality
longing for a Catholic authoritarianism
a master’s guiding hand
holding theirs
leading dogs on leads
a thousand leashes in a single hand
barking mad
in a pack, always lock-step
because perfection never wavers
unflinching unity is the key
to ameliorate nuance
mold truth by force of will
lessen the horror of mystery
except for God’s
who happens to work that way.

Liberals love questions
their minds are soothed by inquiry
like a detective on the case
dedicated to a solution
cozying up to the killer
looking to slap on the cuffs
seize the facts
put the mystery out of its misery
there is nothing
not worth the exploration
they diverge, disagree
fight amongst themselves
in the search for what’s what
there is no unity
no unspeaking God to be under
evidence is sought
facts are worthy of stone
not laws
things change and so does man
wood combusts into fuel
fuel drives the machine
the machine needs tending and modification
changing positions and looking into
that’s life
it happens to work that way.


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