Family Fuel

Family is a luxury
that any can afford to have it
tells us much about ourselves
we think it has always been
and has always meant the same thing
as what it does now
as if our well-documented relations
of today
were a given
or even possible
in time deep, removed
do you think your forebears
gave a fuck
that to them it mattered
in small vulnerable bands of apes
who fathered who
or from which cunt
what young
was dribbled
they did and could not
starvation days and scarcity diets
will do that to a people
to your old people
of many millenniums ago
eating a nephew
was better than dying
that is still now
in our DNA
who we are
don’t forget it
family is a luxury
and a luxury
can be a caloric warehouse
when times are lean


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