Hate Speech

the leviathan has been seized by greater powers
squalid profit brains hold the reins
guide the state to war and make it drink

in the corporate form
has arisen a god
more powerful than any sandy-assed Semite
take note!
the protocols of the elders of Zion
is but a light snuffed in a mining disaster
the dead canary of the failure
of the mind to breathe reason
when up against
what is so obvious and plain
nations embattled
for petty causes
of multi-national tyrants
who would exhaust the treasure of the land
to gain a barren desiccated waste
and if they can
command men in uniformed battalions to line up to their deaths
corrupt men in intelligence agencies to falsify evidence
convince elected leaders to betray ideals they swore to uphold
connive with courts to strip individuals of rights
rob from the public
and hand it all over to private hands…
if they can do all this
and believe me they can
then what they desire is the law
is the rule
the new dogma
beyond church and state
all now – the whole of what is right and wrong
is relative
to the duty owed the shareholders
the voracious class
cutting rough hewn paths of greed to servitude
shareholder, slave owner
the yellow bricks are lain down
a golden road to the future
cowardice and avarice
manufactured by our masters
made possible by our democracies
corporations are people my friend
if that be so
then consider this hate speech
strike the subhuman beasts down
their money or their lives
stand and deliver


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